Beginning the Search For a Golden

Is a Golden Retriever Right For You?

Making a well thought out decision is important when you are considering bringing a dog into your home. Knowing the reasons you may not want a Golden are important to consider. We also know that a well bred, well trained Golden can be a joy for its entire lifetime. If a Golden is the right breed for you, we hope we can be helpful in connecting you with reputable breeders

Health Issues – An Introduction

All prospective puppy buyers want their new puppy to have the best possible chance for a long and healthy life, and regular veterinary care is important toward achieving that goal. But in addition, the risks for many significant health issues can be greatly reduced through careful breeding practices, beginning with certain screening examinations of the parents of a litter. Each breed has its own particular hereditary problems, and Golden Retrievers are no exception

Puppy or Adult?

So, if you don’t have the time and/or energy for all that is needed to properly raise and train a puppy, does that mean that you are destined for life without a Golden Retriever? Not necessarily. There are some great options. Putting time and thought into the addition of a dog to the family will pay off in the long run. Read further on this website for more information, particularly if you’ve decided you and your family want the experience of raising a puppy

Puppies are cute, cuddly and full of antics. Hopefully, that helps carry you both through the period when puppies dig holes in the yard, surf kitchen counters, jump up on people, chew your favorite possessions, and other typical puppy behavior. Of course keeping a constant eye on the puppy and gently guiding him to an alternate activity helps a lot. But there are other aspects, such as needing to take the puppy outdoors for potty breaks, initially every 15 minutes early morning until bedtime, to establish the desired place. Sometimes it’s not a question of being unable to resist a cute puppy. Many people feel that they absolutely need to raise their Golden from puppyhood as otherwise it won’t be bonded to them. Being proactive owners who socialize their puppy to strangers and other dogs and teach their puppy the right way before they learn the wrong way on their own is ideal. It indeed can build a wonderful bond and develop a well socialized and well behaved adult. But make no mistake; that takes time and dedication, and a united front by all family members for the consistency of what is expected and how to communicate that to the puppy. It doesn’t just magically happen.