Our 2-Year Genetic Health Guarantee

It is hereby agreed by both parties that the following conditions will be met and that no other warranties or conditions are expressed or implied.

1. Buyer certifies that he/she is not acting as an agent for another individual in the purchase of this dog, and will not sell this dog to any mass-producing kennel (puppy mill) or business.

2. The purchaser promises to keep the dog in a proper manner. The puppy has been bred by us and has been carefully and painstakingly reared. The parent animals were mated with aim of breeding good and healthy puppies.

3. Seller guarantees this dog to be free of communicable diseases as appears to the eye at the time of sale.

Vet Certified Dog Health Guarantee

At the expense of the BUYER, this dog must be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 BUSINESS DAYS of possession to validate Health Guarantee.

Should puppy die from communicable disease (this does not include parasites or hypoglycemia) within 14 days of purchase and buyer promptly sought treatment by certified veterinarian, and if said vet certifies in writing that the pup was thought to have been exposed to the disease prior to leaving our home, buyer will get FULL refund of PURCHASE PRICE of puppy within 45 days of certification of death (or autopsy report, whichever comes last). Any refund shall never be in excess of the original purchase price.

Buyer must send certification (autopsy required only if vet is unsure of actual cause of death) to Seller within 6 weeks of pup’s death.

If the puppy has a genetic defect detected by a licensed veterinarian within the TWO years (guarantee ends when pup turns TWO years old) a full refund will be made or another dog of equal value, the choice to be determined by Seller. Buyer must return puppy (at buyer’s expense) and puppy’s AKC paperwork to the Seller within 1 month of the exam that detected the defect before replacement will be made. Seller must also have a letter from that veterinarian with his address, telephone and the defect detected before any replacement puppy is given. If the Buyer refused to return this puppy for a replacement puppy, then this guarantee is null and void.

*Seller cannot guarantee the puppy’s size, color, or temperament after the puppy leaves our home.

*Buyer is responsible for all transportation fees of original puppy and any replacement puppy.

*Seller is not responsible for veterinarian bills or any other bills once the puppy leaves our home.

*Buyer releases Seller from any and all liabilities, and/or damages by fault of this dog after the time of sale. These damages include, but are not limited to, destruction of property and/or physical damage to any person or group of people.