Breed History

Brief History of the Golden Retriever

The MGRP is proud of the Golden Retriever’s rich heritage and invites you to share it with us. All pictures on this site have been obtained from the Golden Retriever Club of America Archives.

Origin of the Yellow Retriever

The name yellow retriever was the original name of the breed, but this has been largely superseded in later years by that of golden retriever, one coined by the late Lord Harcourt

Early Ancestors of the Golden Retriever

After the founding of the Golden Retriever Club of England, in 1911, the British Kennel Club granted official recognition to the yellow retrievers as a separate variety, classifying them as “Yellow or Golden”.

Elma Stonex

Mrs. Stonex was a pioneer in researching facts relating to the origin of the breed, research that continued even after the publication of her book The Golden Retriever in 1953

The Origins of the Golden Retriever Revisited

Golden Retrievers have become on of the most popular breeds in the United States during the last decade yet there are many who are still confused as to the true origins of the breed.

Historical Golden Retriever Kennels

The kennel names that appear on this list have been designated as Historical by GRCA. They represent breeders who had significant impact on the breed in either conformation or performance

Golden Retriever Firsts – KC Events

There have been many note-worthy Golden Retriever firsts at KC events. Review them by using the links for agility, conformation, field, general, obedience, rally, and tracking!