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Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs around the world. In the US alone, it is the third most common dog. People often choose the golden retriever because of its temperament and behavior. However, it would be best to research whether they fit your lifestyle or not before getting a Golden retriever puppy.

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Name: Jack

Sex : Male

Age: 10 Weeks


This puppy comes with a 1 year health guarantee provided by the breeder.

Meet our shining star, Jack! He is a little diva and such a proud puppy. He’s always walking with his head held high, looking to meet his next new best friend. His sire Riley boasts the distinction of being the son of a champion, is genetic tested, and has a gorgeous coat, and friendly personality. His mother Kari is a loving golden with a sweet & gentle personality and has been genetic tested. Both parents are on the premises

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